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A Business Process for a Balanced and Sustainable Planet™

  • Humankind Group – (HKB) — HKG is a business incubation, development, and management company with experience and expertise developing ecosystems, businesses, and development programs to facilitate the transition to a sustainable future. Humankind Group will also provide leading anaerobic digestion technology through its portfolio company Humankind Biomass Systems.

  • Four Gardens Global – (FGG) —Four Gardens is the local development partner who has executed MOU’s for purchase commitments with resorts, and local food distributors utilizing greenhouse technologies in concert with Van der Hoeven . Four Gardens has also identified feedstock sources as the catalyst for the anaerobic digester for the production of renewable natural gas, as a replacement for diesel. used by the hotels.

  • Van der Hoven – (VdH) — Van der Hoeven is a world leading greenhouse production technology provider headquartered in the Netherlands. The company has developed over 30 systems in countries around the world. Van der Hoeven technology will allow for predictable yields from the food growing process.

FGG is working with a unique consortium of local and international organizations to deliver a commercially viable, scalable system solution:

Circular is Beautiful


The project partners will deliver a fully circular, sustainable production facility that will revolutionize developing nations energy, food, and organic waste management systems:

• Fresh, organic produce (lettuce, leafy greens, etc.)

• Utilization of food waste from resorts, sargassum and agricultural waste from alcohol distillers

• Generation of renewable energy for greenhouse production facility

• CO2 capture to enable higher crop yields (20+%)

• CO2 emission reduction/ carbon sequestration and generation of CO2e credits

• Production of organic soil amendment (biofertilizer) products to be used for agriculture and restoration

Discover Circular

A Business Process for a Balanced and Sustainable Planet™